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Executive Mentoring, Coaching, Leadership Training & Team Building

Coaching is a collaborative process that focuses the clients’ energy on identifying and working towards goals that matter to them. In collaboration, coaches and clients chart a path to their achievement.

Too often a potentially excellent executive is hampered by inadequate skills that have been acquired only through observation and osmosis.

The unfortunate truth is that ambitious individuals are often restricted by role model bosses who appear to be successful, but come by that designation solely through title or earnings. It’s all too common for those executives to lead by fear or causing distress, or other energy draining tactics. These archaic mechanisms only demonstrate how not to lead, rather than how to be a respected and inspirational leader.

Executive leadership and management skills, team building and team membership. These essential capabilities contribute significantly to the growth and success of individuals and to organizations of any size, anywhere around the world. But it’s rare that these skills are innate. Almost always, they need to be observed, nurtured and taught.

At R-DOG we draw on years of successful leadership that spans a wide variety of businesses in markets around the world. Particularly in today’s global business environment, the ability to understand and successfully work with people from different cultures and in diverse markets is essential to success.

Utilizing a variety of skills and techniques, we work with individuals and groups to focus on improving understanding, communication and analysis of professional, personal and leadership achievements that enhance a positive energy environment to support the potential for success for individuals, teams and organizations. Focusing on authenticity, emotional intelligence, intuitive listening and appropriate social distance skills, we support positive leadership and management development. 

Our founder

Our founder

Rick talks coaching with Donna Drake on Live It Up!

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Rick Dobbis interviewed about career and management coaching

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